Founder - Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
(since 1818)

State Licence No. 1040 dated 04.04.2011
Certificate of State Accreditation No. 0379 dated 26.04.2010 to 26.04.2015

Our Address:
Rozdestvenka Street, 12
Moscow, Russia



Various fields of Oriental Studies are widely represented nowadays at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, which is celebrating its 190-th anniversary in December 2008. The honoured Russian school of oriental studies has undertaken new developments by establishing Oriental University, where comprehensive research is incorporated into academic activities. Set up as a small educational establishment in 1992, it has grown into a university with over 200 students. For the first time the academic process and fundamental research were successfully combined in the domain of Oriental Studies.

The University offers courses in nearly all the fields of Regional Studies - languages, literature, ethnology, history, religions, economics, management, computer science. Regions under investigation cover two-thirds of the whole world, from the Far East to Northern Africa, and from China to Australia.

Majoring in International Economics implies taking extra courses in Economy of Oriental countries. Pursuing a degree in any field, students are required to learn two foreign languages – one Oriental and one European, or two European languages (at their discretion).

Academic curricula are developed by professors of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, who are also authors of textbooks and original teaching methods. 85 lecturers include 1 Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences holding a postdoctoral degree in History, 35 Professors holding postdoctoral degrees, and 30 lecturers with Ph.D. degrees. All staff members are highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Advanced training, provided at Oriental University, enables graduates in Regional and Oriental Studies to work for state and international organizations, and also in business, research and academic fields as experts, analysts and specialists with multiple functions.

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