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Corporate Training

Training corporate clients and encouraging the development of Russia’s business community is one of the first priorities of Oriental University.

We believe that corporate training is a systematic process of upgrading the managerial skills and competencies of working executives to meet the requirements of corporate development strategy. Our educational system is based on an essentially practical approach. We provide knowledge for practical application.

We offer corporate training in foreign languages (European and Oriental), Russian as a Foreign Language, and special courses (Regional Studies and others).

Corporate training is provided by the Professors and Docents of Oriental University, the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU), Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Military Institute of Foreign Languages and other leading universities of the Russian Federation.

We take the following steps when dealing with the corporate clients:

1. Examine the company’s needs: interviewing the chief executive or personnel manager, observing the employees at work to identify their business competences, or individually testing each employee for his/her level of business competence.

As a result we obtain the following information:

— The client’s line of business;

— Purposes of training;

— Professional interests of trainees

2. Develop a corporate training program to satisfy the company’s business needs.

3. Prepare the program for agreement.

4. Prepare training materials and certificates for the trainees.

5. Provide trainings / seminars / classes either in the client’s office or in Oriental University (as agreed) in compliance with the agreed program.

6. Review the results of the program and acknowledge the client with the recommendations of the trainer. Further support of the corporate training program results is possible.

Corporate training is available in two forms:

1. Training individual employees in accordance with their needs at the open seminars and trainings of the University under the staff development plan or educational activities schedule. This form is acceptable when a small number of employees of different qualifications and areas are trained simultaneously.

2. Training a certain category of employees in Oriental University or in the client’s office at an agreed time. This form is acceptable when more than 10 employees are trained simultaneously. In any of these two cases the training staff of Oriental University is ready to help in making up a corporate training plan for your employees.

Corporate training in foreign languages

Nowadays a solid command of a foreign language for business communication by the corporate staff is an integral part of corporate image and business reputation. We offer corporate clients individual customized training programs in European Languages (English, German, French, and Spanish) and Oriental Languages (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean and others) in different areas of business for different categories of employees who need a professional knowledge of a foreign language in their particular field.

Our specialists will offer or develop a special training program for the corporate trainees basing on the company’s business line, initial command of a target language, training purposes, terms of training, intensiveness of classes, field of application, and the size of budget. In the shortest possible time we are able to work out, organize and deliver highly qualified training most satisfying your wishes and goals, and fully meeting the requirements of the present day environment.

We offer:

1. Basic course in European Languages and Oriental Languages.

2. Business course in European Languages and Oriental Languages.

3. Preparatory course for passing international examinations and gaining a certificate in European Languages or Oriental Languages (TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, NOURYOKUSHIKEN and others).

Corporate training in Russian as a Foreign Language

If your company has foreign employees, you will probably be interested in our offer to train your staff in Russian as a Foreign Language.

We offer long-term programs and short-term programs which include: business course; course in Russian literature and culture; and individual programs.

Short-term programs include intensive communication course in Russian requiring no degree in Philology.

Long-term programs include: phonetics classes (pronunciation rules for Russian); lexis & grammar classes; speaking practice; and translation techniques.

We employ modern textbooks intended primarily for adult learners beginning to study Russian (probably having preliminary or elementary knowledge).

The programs of special courses are designed to satisfy the needs of learners wishing to advance the Russian language skills and improve their knowledge about the history, culture and art of Russia.

Doing a Business course enables the trainees to make up business letters and notes by themselves after a few first classes and is useful for those wishing to develop business contacts in Russian (elementary skills are required though).

Corporate training – special courses

1. Regional Studies (politics, economics and culture of the Oriental or Western countries – at the client’s discretion)

2. Ethics of Business Communication (Oriental countries): cultural traditions and business etiquette, documents drafting, telephone etiquette, negotiations, meetings, conferences, presentations, reporting and so on.

Example of a special course in Regional Studies:

"Today’s China: Economics, Politics and Culture"

The seminar program is expected to take 40 academic hours and includes the following classes:

1. Physical and Economic Geography of China;

2. Origins of the Chinese civilization;

3. China’s way to modernization;

4. China in today’s world;

5. Social and political structure of modern China;

6. General characteristics of China’s economy;

7. Distinctive features of Chinese reforms; governance; and large/small businesses

8. China and the outside world: relations with Russia, the USA and Asian countries;

9. Foreign economic relations of China; Russian-Chinese relations;

10. China’s culture, customs and religions;

11. Ethics and business practices in China..

The seminar lecturers are:

Head of the Department of History, Oriental University, Assistant Managing Editor of Vostok journal, Ph.D. in History, Professor Tyurin V.А.

Professor of the Department of History, Oriental University, Head of the Department of Southeastern Asia, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. in History Mosyakov D.V.

Head of the Department of China, Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. in History, Professor Bokshchanin А.А.

Professor of the Department of Economics of Oriental University, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of International Economics and Foreign Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. in Economics Salitsky А.I.

Pro-rector of Oriental University, Ph.D. in Economics Troshin А.А., and others.

The trainees are provided with course books containing background information on China.

The trainees are provided with course books containing background information on China.

For more information, please call + 7 (495) 623-73-62 (Center for Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Distance Education and Corporate Training).

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