Founder - Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
(since 1818)

Our Address:
Rozdestvenka Street, 12
Moscow, Russia



Oriental Languages

We offer courses in Oriental languages (Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and others). Training is based on the modern approach to language teaching, which combines communicative and traditional methods. Brand-new Russian and foreign manuals are used in class

European Languages

The range of European languages we teach includes: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German. Groups are formed according to the level of students’ language competence throughout the year. Classes are conducted by experienced lecturers of Oriental University.


Welcome to our master class in hieroglyphics: theory and practice of calligraphy

Oriental Dance

You are welcomed to take classes in zappy Oriental Dances.

History of Oriental Costumes

Welcome to our master classes in the History of the Oriental Costume. The course curriculum includes theoretical and practical parts

Ikebana School

Ikebana is a common name for the Japanese art of flower arrangements. The term became widely spread in the Edo period. In Japan flowers have been placed into vessels in various combinations since time immemorial. Flowers and herbs, picked up in the valleys and mountains, have been traditionally used for styling hair and clothes

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